Camp Wabikon C.I.T. Program

Each summer thirty to forty 16 & 17 year olds from around the world seek out Wabikon for its excellent Counsellor-In-Training (C.I.T.) Program. Camp Wabikon's six week C.I.T. program is carefully planned and designed to lead its participants through an educational, exciting and fun adventure that will help them bridge the gap from Camper to Staff.

Through various leadership development activities, counseling assignments, activity/program assignments, skill development opportunities and evaluations, participants in the Wabikon C.I.T. program have an excellent chance to attain personal growth, learn valuable skills, receive qualifications, become confident leaders and most importantly, have the summer of a lifetime!

The C.I.T. Director(s) is a senior, experienced Staff member(s) whose wish is to work with an enthusiastic group of young leaders and counsellors to be. Often this person(s) has been at Wabikon for a number of years and held a variety of key Staff positions. The C.I.T. Director(s) has full aquatic qualifications and possesses a high level of leadership and camping experience.

To ensure comfort for each participant within the C.I.T. group, the first week is primarily focused on team unity and group development. Through various activities, games, challenges and discussions, all carefully facilitated by the C.I.T. Director(s) each C.I.T. will gain a clear understanding of his or her role in camp, the expectations and adventures that lie ahead, and form a close bond with his or her fellow C.I.T.s. Following this initial teambuilding week the focus for the following two weeks will be critical in the transition from camper to staff as C.I.T.s are assigned to observe, learn and assist (where possible) Staff members during regular teaching and counseling times. Group lessons, teaching sessions and skill development opportunities will also take place during this time.

Two highlights of the C.I.T. summer are the 2 day outpost experience that will take place during the first 3 weeks, and the 5 day C.I.T. canoe trip that occurs midway through the program. Both will involve pre-trip planning and organization and are focused on the development of personal confidence and appreciation, group solidarity, leadership initiative and wilderness survival and canoeing/tripping skills.

Upon return from the C.I.T. trip, having now completed just over half of the program, the C.I.T. group will once again participate in Cabin Counseling and Activity Placements, where they will now be expected to assist counsellors and/or activity staff with the daily program and attain skills and levels where possible. As well, with the assistance of constant feedback from both themselves, the Staff and the C.I.T. Director(s), the focus will now be on leadership initiative and working as a team to develop, organize, and run small and large scale camp programs with the assistance of our Staff.

Included in the Wabikon C.I.T. program are opportunities to attain and/or upgrade qualifications in many important areas such as Canoeing (O.R.C.A.), boating (C.Y.A), and especially swimming (R.L.S.S.) as the minimum qualification required for Wabikon Staff is Bronze Cross.

By the final week of the program the C.I.T.s, along with their Director(s), have a clear understanding of their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, but most importantly a strong feeling of accomplishment, personal growth, team unity and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Former Wabikon C.I.T.s are always eager to share their experiences. Should you wish any further insight into our C.I.T. Program, please feel free to call us for a reference.

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